A larp about cruelty in the history of mental care

Practical Information

Time: 27.04.2019

Lenght: 6-9 hours

Genre: Psychologic horror

Amount of players: Minimum 15

Place: Odd Inn, Söderuddsvägen 1526, 65970 Korsholm



The languages used on Asylum are Swedish and English. Each player is allowed to play in the language they feel comfortable with. Players are asked to (if possible) speak English when an English-speaking player is in the vicinity, but regarding the heavy theme of the game, no-one will be forced to change language if it makes the player in question feel uncomfortable.



During Asylum we strive to stretch the limits of the players, but this must be done so that the player feels safe even if their character is not. In order to avoid overruns of comfort limits, players will be asked to answer questionnaires regarding their own limits and wishes before the game. This form/questionnaire will be put into every patient’s folder which can be read by the nurses and doctors during the game. Each player will also have a bracelet with pearls of different colors to represent what the player is comfortable with, for example black: to be restrained, blue: to be showered, purple: to play abuse / violence and so on. This element will be practiced thoroughly before the game.

Due to dark themes, the age limit will be 18 years.



There will be served a light meal during the game. This meal is meant more for atmosphere than to be a satisfying meal. Players are asked to bring their own lunch, dinner and snacks.



09.30 Arrival, coffee, greetings

10.30 All players gather

10.45 Rules and questions regarding the game

11.15 Excersises and workshopping

12.00 Lunch and personal discussions with GM                             

13.00 Group discussions, makeup, changing of clothes, prepp

14.00 ACT 1

17.00 30min pause/brief                                                                              

17.00 ACT 2                                                                                                 

21.00 De-brief                                                                                           

21.30 clean up                                                                                          

22.00 Sauna and goodbyes



Players bring their own clothes to the game.

Patients should wear “pajamas” in soft fabrics. Straight pants and shirt without pictures/patterns/motives in neutral hospital-like colors (white, gray, beige, light blue or pale green) work just fine. Female characters may also have some form of neutral “nightgown”.

Doctors are recommended black trousers, white shirt and medical / lab coat if possible.

The nurses may have white, gray or green “hospital-like clothes”, possibly with an apron or lab coat. Women are preferred to wear skirts instead of pants and an apron rather than a lab-coat. But exceptions are allowed if necessary.

The above description is only a recommendation. The game does not have strict requirements regarding clothing, and the most important thing is that the clothes fit the genre. Players are asked to think about what could fit in in the late 1920s; Avoid modern fabrics such as jeans or fleece. If you want any help with clothing please contact the game masters, we will help you as much as possible.



The sign up begins 6th of March at 12.00 and closes on Friday 12th of April at 23.59.

To the Sign Up form:




30 euro for members, 35 non members.


Account: FI05 5670 0820 1902 86

Payee: Eloria rf

Reference number: 16162

Due date: 15.02

If the payment is made from a different account than the participants own, or if the payment concerns more than one player, the reference number is left out. Instead, you should enter the name of the player / players and the name of the larp in the message box. This is important for the fee to be noted correctly.


Please read: Elorias general terms and conditions



On Asylum we will follow Eloria’s general larp rules.



Pia Sjöberg: pia.sjoberg88(at)gmail.com

Erik Sjöberg- GM assistant erik.sjoberg88(at)gmail.com

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