A larp about cruelty in the history of mental care


Asylum is, as appropriate, a psychological and social experiment. The larp strives to test the boundaries of horror games and see how far we can go before things get seriously unpleasant, but also to stretch the comfort and limits of individual players.

The game is aiming at creating a holistic experience, where everything from character creation, researching old mental asylums, the actual game and de-brief (also called the “de-fucking”) becomes part of the gaming experience.

The players who sign up for Asylum have the opportunity to dive deeply into the human psyche, and to safely experience the darkest parts of their minds.

We are looking for answers to existential questions: why are we here? what makes us (healthy) human beings? and how should we look at those who are different? At the same time, we also want to give our players the opportunity to learn from history – specifically a veiled and mythical part of it.

Mental hospitals have always fascinated and attracted attention, and now you have the opportunity to see how one might have looked like in the late 1920s.

The game aims to create an intense gaming experience for all, both the two groups (patients and staff) and the individual players. Due to the dark theme of the game and the potentially shocking events, the game has an age limit of 18 years. No exceptions to this rule will be allowed.

Asylum has been arranged once before in 2013. Last time the game had hidden supernatural elements that have now been completely erased for this re-run. We are also aiming for a better balance between the groups and a more accurate time schedule, so that everyone gets their share of the horror experience

Welcome to Bedford Lunatic Asylum, sit down in the padded white room and tighten your straitjacket.

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