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Characters and Sign-Up

Sign-up opens on the 12th of August at 12 o'clock.


Types of characters:

- Plot characters, are marked with a star *
- Atmospheric Characters, unmarked characters
- Larp guardian
- Child character

Plot Characters
Will have a lot going on during the larp. They may carry secrets, have things to accomplish, goals to achieve or demanding relationships that will take up a big part of their gameplay.

Atmospheric Characters
Can still have some plots or things going on, but they will not be as bussy and may focus more on building an atmosphere or socialising. These characters can be written to plot characters if the player so desires.

Larp guardian
Larp guardians will play a atmospheric character during act 1 while the child larpers are present. If they desire they can have plots added for the second act after the children have left. The larp guardian’s job is to make sure that the children are feeling safe and have a good time. larp guardians get a 5 euro discount from their participation fee.

Child characters
Participate only in act 1 of the larp and together with a larp guardian who makes sure that the child i shaving fun and feels secure. Child characters are for children younger than 15 who want to try larping.

Characters that have a set name on the character list bellow are pre-written for the first round of the larp that was played in 2012. Details about these characters can be modified but the major characteristics and plots are already written. New characters are written from scratch and the players can request what kind of character they would like to play. New characters are either written by the players themselves or by the game masters according to the players wishes.

Characters written in red are taken

Captain’s Bloody Victory

The crew aboard the Victory is a versatile one, with members from all corners of the world. Captain Dawson is a fair but strict Captain that the whole crew looks up to. Money and resources are divided evenly amongst everyone and the crew is almost akin to a democracy where everyone gets a vote. In life or death situations, like in fights or sailing through storms, the Captain’s word is law. Most crewmembers are pirates out of necessity rather than choice, Or simply to rebel against the unjust reign in Arkandia. They steal and plunder to survive and don’t resort to unnecessary violence or torture.

Jane/John Dawson* - Captain
Fair, loyal, adventurous, a foolhardy risk-taker at times but always seems to get away with, well, everything...

Henry Gibbs – first mate
Mostly drunk, but a more competent first mate is hard to come by, knows his job sober as well as drunk or asleep for that matter. Love gambling and tends to owe a lot of people a lot of money.

Alice/Alec Dunham – Navigator
Tough and takes no shit, fighting for their opinion if required but extremely loyal to those she/he deems worth her/his trust. Good friend of Captain Dawson and Innkeeper Blake.

Arctus/Arcta Finchley – Skipper
Strict, dutiful, fair. Takes his job seriously and has earned the crews respect. Pirate in order to fight against the unfair justice system. Former guard at the Gallows.

Oliver/Odette Colton - 1st gunner
Started out as an orphan street urchin who ended up aboard Victory by mistake, but has enjoyed the life at sea and stayed. The ship's relentless joker and prankster. Good friend with the second gunner. Has a smile on his/her lips and a joke for every occasion - fitting or not.

William/Wilhelmina Jones - 2nd gunner
Noble-born who escaped to sea in order to avoid an arranged marriage. Good friends with the first gunner.

Gary/Gina* - crewmember/apprentice
Is fleeing from something, but few know from what. Silent and secretive but quite a nice fellow.

Anna Moore - crewmember, GM character
Crew’s newest member. Experienced sailor and quick to obey orders, no-one knows that much about her or her background, but she has been accepted as part of crew faster than most have. Very inquisitive. A good shot and capable in battle.

Joselyn Parker/Serena* - crewmember
Has a mysterious aura around him/her that nobody can really put their finger on. Kind, happy and helpful. Scared of water, which may be a little inconvenient for all parties involved as life aboard a ship is hardly a dry business.

New character 1 - Cook
New character 2
New character 3
New character 4

Child character 1 - deckswabber
Child character 2 - deckswabber

Ye Ole Man’s Revenge

The crew on Ye Ole Man’s Revenge is verry different to the one aboard Victory. Grayham is a cruel Captain who rules with an iron grip. Captain’s word is absolute law and rest of the crew has no say. Plundering often results in torture and death. Muteny or slacking results in heavy punnishment.

Captain Grayham* - Captain
Cruel, strict, vengeful. Does everything in order to gain power and wealth. No matter how big the stakes are. Controls his ship with an iron grip.

Sarah/Sam Connors – First Mate
Skilled at his/her job but is rather young. Has had to constantly fight to maintain the crew's respect and position as first mate and has so far succeeded.

Geoffrey/Gemma Dale – Skipper
Power-hungry, cruel, sadistic. Easy to hand out punishment for those who are slacking off. Owner of the slave Xerthran/Xenra.

Atharek/Althea - crewmember
Lesyrian ande previous member of the assassins guild there. Nowadays a pirate sellsword aboard Ye Ole Man's Revenge. Skilled in combat.

Xerthran/Xenra – Slave
Native from the Tora-isles. happened to be int the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up as a slave for skipper Dale.

New character 1
New character 2
New character 3

The Rude Lady/ Tora Tora / övrig besättningar

The Rude Lady is named after the in-keeper Blake and is one of the three pirate taverns in Tora Tora. Crew as crew is welcomed with food, rest, rum, music and entertainment.

Ramona Blake - Innkeeper, GM character
As the name of her tavern states, Ramona is "a rude lady". She can be very charming if you pay good tip, and she can slap your face the next minute if you break a pint. Some people know her as "Blake" others as "Ramona", someone as "Milady" and a few as "Captain".

Andrew/Andrea Fisher - merchant
Has travelled around the world. Enjoys life with all it’s pleasures. Risk-taking, character with a sense of glamour and a nick for the luxuries of life.

Minerva/Manuel Bingham – waitress/waiter
Formerly the noble who has somehow ended up as a waitress in a pirate tavern. Has a grudge against most pirates, which makes the job a little challenging at times.

Georgina/George Harvey - harlot
Born on Tora Tora. Works as a harlot just like her/his mother did before him/her. Has never been of the island and has a burning desire to hear about the adventures of her customers. Dreams about one day experiencing adventures of her/his own.

New character 1 - harlot
New character 2
New character 3
New character 4

Child character 1 - errand-boy/girl
Child character 2 - villager
Child character 3 - villager